The new Audi A8 L.

In a league of its own.

Matrix LED headlights

Creates up to one billion light configurations to constantly adapt to changing surroundings.

Indicators with dynamic display

Linearly arranged LEDs turn on sequentially from the inside to the edge of the car to send clearer turning signals.


The legendary quattro® drive lends a commanding grip on the road no matter the conditions.

Executive rear seating

Ventilated massage seats with a power footrest update every definition of rear-seat comfort.

Audi MMI®

A slight gesture, touch or voice, puts everything within your grasp.

Handcrafted interiors

Front panel carved out of a single log of wood is a fine example of immaculate craftsmanship.

High-performance engines


Cylinder-on-demand technology deactivates 4 cylinders for high efficiency and fires up all 8 for full power.


4.2-litre TDI engine makes Audi A8 L the most powerful diesel sedan in India.

360 degree park assist

Cameras around the car let you see a virtual top view for confident maneuvering in tight spaces.

Bang & Olufsen Sound System

24 high definition speakers for high definition luxury.

The new Audi A8 L is here.

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